Network Management, Security Audits and Consulting

Whether you’re experiencing degraded network performance, recurring network failures, congestion, burst, unexpected server saturation, or increased network related and security issues, our team of professional consultants can help you!

We offer a wide range of solutions and consulting services including:

  • Network Management Systems
  • Change and configuration management
  • Network and Security Audits
  • Intrusion detection and security testing
  • Economical, costing and pricing audits

Thinking about VoIP, IPV6 migration, or any other major change within your network? Our team can assess your network’s capacity and capability to support anticipated changes or new technologies. We would help you prepare for a planned expansion and/or merging of different networks.

Our Network Audit provides you with prompt and cost-effective expert analysis, assessment, and recommendations to improve data flow throughout your network by:

  • Inventorying your network equipment and assessing the associated architecture and topologies
  • Analyzing the information on-hand
  • Providing the specific findings and improvement recommendations.

Network Audit can help you to provide better network service by improving the overall network performance, exposing bottlenecks and hot spots, and documenting your network architecture. This will help you improve network up time, reduce network-related Help Desk calls, and increase end-user satisfaction. Our methodology is field proven. We will first review with you the elements needed to conduct the network audit, their readiness, and the network audit process. We will also gather high level/global and protocol-specific statistics of your network. This will include a traffic analysis of your individual network segments, and information on your network’s topology and hardware and software configurations. This information will be gathered using hardware probes and other software tools.

Using this information we will:

  • Consolidate and analyze all of the data and prepare a report of our findings and recommendations, including a risk analysis and assessment of your current network conditions;
  • Identify issues that may cause performance problems; and
  • Recommend configuration changes to improve performance or stability.

We will conclude our mission by preparing and delivering at your request a summary presentation of our findings and recommendations