Network and Services Testing/Troubleshooting

In order to address the network and services’ related issues, PRISMA has the right solution to address its customers’ needs relating to pre-deployment and post-deployment testing.

Our Network Testing and Troubleshooting services include:

  • Compliance, interoperability and acceptance testing
  • Performance and stress testing
  • Protocol (level 1-7) analysis, troubleshooting and testing

Compliance, interoperability and acceptance testing

PRISMA is able to conduct multiple functional tests to analyse the behaviour of new devices, sub networks, gateways with your network. We may also test various products and services for standard compliance or conformity compliance.

If you are planning to introduce new equipment such as a router or a switch to your network, you can trust PRISMA’s experience and expertise to test them to ensure interoperability compatibility.

Performance and stress testing

Once a test on a network is successful, then we reproduce that event and push the limits of the device. For example, when we test an interactive voice response unit (IVR), we produce a call into the IVR and see what happens. Multiple scenarios are possible. if the voice calls returns successful, we can send  100 000 simultaneous calls through your ivr in order to test its performance under stress. For a gateway, we send through 1 million packet session and analyse its behaviour. If we push 10 million subscribers and each having a different traffic profile and service through your core network, what outcome should be expected? If you want us to test against a defined threshold, we can.

We specialise in high availability and reliability testing.

We can simulate malware, DoS and DDoS attacks to test the behaviour of your security devices when under regular attacks to heavy attacks.

Protocol analysis, troubleshooting and testing

Sometimes, our customer know there is a problem but just can’t find it. That is when we go in deep and investigate at the protocol layer to see what is going on.

Case studies:

A service provider identified a problem with their Integrated Voice Response (IVR) when it was very busy. PRISMA was called in to stress test the ivr system and find the root cause of the dropped calls. We tested and confirmed that in fact the IVR wasn’t responding according to manufacturer’s specifications. After our investigation, PRISMA was able to confirm that a software upgrade had been missed. Once installed, Prisma re tested and the ivr responded successfully.

Before a service provider rolled out a 3G network, they wanted to be sure their network would support millions of subscribers, each using different traffic profiles. Our customer wanted to test the whole chain. PRISMA was called in to simulate millions of real user activity and test the network’s response. The tests were successful and most importantly so was their 3G service roll out.

Whether you are an enterprise customer interested in testing your firewall vulnerabilities or a large scale operator interested in stress testing your 2G, 3G or 4G network, we have the experts and the tools for the job on hand!

We can simulate the traffic of 10 million subscribers.

Our motto: We can test all protocols, all services, all vendors!