The telecommunications market today is characterized by strong competition and demanding customers. Service providers need to meet and even exceed their subscriber requirements for high quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE). One way to successfully meet these demands is by ensuring an ongoing Monitoring of their network and services.

During the last four years, PRISMA has worked to position itself as the partner of choice with operators and regulators across Africa in the areas related to the improvement of the Quality of Service (QoS ) and Quality of Experience (QoE).

Our main services include:

  • Active monitoring of applications, networks and services (QoS/QoE)

Monitoring is ensured through software or hardware probes that inject traffic (IP packets, voice calls, SMS, etc...) on the operator’s network. The network behaviour is then assessed in real time or near real time. The generated traffic is a non intrusive action and does not require specific integration. We generate traffic by sessions as if we were a subscriber. We can simulate a service session at any time, even on the fly, and we can reproduce the session at any time in a controlled environment and study how the call is processed. The traffic generated through the probes will be perceived by the operator as a normal service session or real subscriber traffic. KPIs generated will then reflect the quality of service and experience as perceived by the end customer. In addition to the generated KPI results and reports, the solution will proactively alert operators in case of service degradation.

  • Passive monitoring of applications, networks and services:

This type of monitoring is carried out using hardware probes placed at different connection points of the operator’s network. This monitoring enables us, in the first step, to capture the signaling and/or a copy of the actual traffic passing through the network. Then the information is analysed to create an assessment of the actual QoS delivered to the end users.
Although, the implementation of this type of monitoring is more complex, it has 2 major benefits:

- The QoS reports are based on network data without recourse to sampling
- It provides specific network data and traces related to encountered problems for "troubleshooting" purposes

For the implementation of the solutions, our engineers will proactively work hand in hand with you, on site or remotely. For example we can help you pinpoint the quality degradation areas in your network. We provide comprehensive reports summarizing our results and we will work with you to implement corrective actions.

  • Service quality management and benchmarking

This study is a comparative analysis of a customer’s quality of service. It allows you to compare your network KPIs and services with those of your competitors. This benchmarking could help our customers in their marketing campaigns and/or define follow up actions to resolve the technical issues.

  • Application performance monitoring, reporting and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

This is a detailed study of a customer’s network traffic in order to gain a better visibility of the network and service usage. The results are later used by customers in their strategic planning and decision making.

  • Solutions for Revenue Assurance and fraud detection

The development of mobile services with complex tariff plans (for services or bundles), makes billing control difficult for all stakeholders: customers, consumer associations, regulators, and even operators themselves.
We offer solutions and services that reconcile the actual costs charged by an operator compared to the real tariff that ought to be billed to the end customer

Case Studies:

One PRISMA client was able to fix service degradation problem while we were monitoring all of their backbone links. The packet loss was pinpointed to a specific media gateway (configuration issue) which was immediately fixed.

This proactive monitoring identified the issue before it became a larger problem for their subscribers. Our client met their SLA and more importantly, quality service was ensured for their end customers.

In another case, PRISMA was called upon to monitor a service provider’s roaming quality abroad as they were receiving complaints from their subscribers. We were able to pin-point that steering was the main issue.

Bottom line: If you want to reduce your subscriber churn, contact us and let’s see how we can work together on a solution.