Access (Radio), Core and WAN Optimization

PRISMA’s scope of services includes:

  • Radio network planning and initial tuning
  • Radio network optimization and post processing
  • Site verification, network swap & cluster/area acceptance
  • Content and video/web caching and traffic optimization

Today’s traditional telecom operators are facing two major challenges:

  1. Increased competition with the arrival of the mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and internet based companies like Skype and Google
  2. End customers, enterprise and consumers, wanting a richer multimedia experience that has stringent QoS/QoE requirements.

At the same time, network architectures are evolving and becoming increasingly complex. The technology is no longer driving the changes as much as the end-user demands of new services that are mobile, reliable, secure and of the highest quality. The business is changing towards next generation converged network infrastructures.

Prisma can help you in your planning and implementation stages in order to ensure a quick and efficient transition.

Radio network planning and initial tuning

Managed services and applications are at the center of future growth in revenues for service providers. Outsourcing network optimization projects enable the operators to concentrate on their core business. We know a network lives, changes and should not be static. As the population and their needs grow and move, so should your network. If you are intending a new technology roll out, planning your coverage will be essential to your success.

PRISMA has the tools, the experience and the know-how to accompany you in all activities related to radio network planning and optimization. Be it from managing the tilt and azimuth of the antennas to the BTS configuration parameters to ensure the best coverage, Prisma will ensure performance is maintained at or above quality levels during the whole project.

Most data exists within the managed system of the network. The secret is in the extraction of that information. PRISMA has the tools and experience to provide their customers with the location of their “best” subscribers according to predetermined criteria, what handsets they prefer to use, your VIPs’ and roamers’ QoE/QoS. We can extract relevant data in order to see if calls are being dropped from the RSC data, detect major or minor problem areas in coverage.

For example, driveless network coverage optimization, allows you to analyse your network while reducing your costs. Once a problem or anomaly is identified, Prisma complements the analysis with a field drive test to pinpoint the actual problem area.

Content and video/web caching and traffic optimization

QoS, bigger bandwidth, dedicated over sized cells for coverage are all dedicated to improving response time to subscriber queries. When a user puts in a request for service, that service content must be made available as quickly as possible in order to satisfy customer expectation. Prisma is of the firm belief that weather a service provider uses caching techniques versus compression techniques or higher bandwidth, what matters is the end-user experience. If you wish to optimize your traffic flow, would like to improve or upgrade your existing quality of service, PRISMA can help you find the right solutions to your needs.

Case studies:

A major vendor turned to PRISMA when their customer (an African operator), wanted to optimize their 2G-3G radio network across the country. The African company outsourced its optimization project in order to free itself to better concentrate on sales and marketing of the new service offerings. PRISMA conducted drive tests measuring the relevant KPIs, post processed all the data, produced quality reports that were used to decide on an optimum configuration.

A first in Africa, a government regulator, initiated a country wide bench-marking study of the quality of the 2G and 3G network services for its 3 operators. PRISMA was selected to conduct the study. With this bench-marking study, Service Providers were made aware of their coverage problems in order to eventually improve the quality issues. Prior to the study, one of the three service providers had proactively sought PRISMA’s collaboration in order to test and improve their QoS. When the regulator issued the study, their efforts had paid off and they ranked better than their counterparts.