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PRISMA attended the 34th Quality of Service Development Group (QSDG) Meeting – ITU-T Study Group 12, in Johannesburg, South Africa, 26-27 July 2017 The objective of the QSDG meeting was look at the improvement of performance, quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE), to the benefit both of the subscribers and stakeholders. During this meeting, the following topics were discussed: - Session 1 : QoS/QoE parameters and measurement of multimedia services applications - Session 2 : QoS/QoE monitoring and optimization in mobile networks (3G and 4G) - Session 3 : Presentation regarding the Impact of fraud on QoS, QoE and network performance; as well as customer satisfaction issues, performed by Mr. Hassen ATTAYA, Prisma’s Managing Director This event was a great opportunity to discuss in depth the impacts and challenges of fraud on QoS, QoE and network performance.