Network supervision and quality


The solution in brief

The telecommunications market is characterized by strong competition, increasingly demanding customers, and increasingly complex network architectures. PRISMA is positioning itself as a partner of choice for telecom operators and regulators across Africa to improve quality, (QoS) service and (QoE) experience. Prisma supports you from end to end, for a better QoS / QoE, by the services of networks tests and measurements, the monitoring of networks and applications, as well as Radio & Core optimization.

The specificity of the Prisma offer

Prisma provides tailor-made services to telecom players to monitor their network performance, differentiate themselves through service quality, improve the quality of their customers' experience, and increase their profits. Thanks to partners of choice, and a flexible and adapted approach, Prisma offers the following services:
  • Tests & Measurements (conformity, interoperability, performance, stress, ...).
  • Surveillance & Monitoring (active & passive) applications, networks and services.
  • Network planning and dimensioning.
  • Comparative analysis of quality.
With its strong expertise, Prisma has developed its own "S2T" solution, which allows telecom regulators to measure the quality of the users’ experience across a region, while including multiple types of networks. Operators can verify their compliance, measure and improve their quality of service.

Contribution of our solutions

Prisma provides operators and regulators with a multidisciplinary team, which enables a transversal service targeting the improvement of quality. Prisma's intervention consists of several solutions. These elements enable efficient operational services:
  • Tests of compliance, interoperability, performance, stress and acceptance.
  • Analysis, troubleshooting and tests of protocols (level 1-7).
  • Planning of the radio network and its initial dimensioning.
  • Optimization of the radio network and post-processing.
  • Verification of the site, exchange network and cluster / zone of acceptance.
  • Content and video / Web caching and traffic optimization.
  • Active monitoring of applications, networks and services (QoS / QoE): This monitoring is provided through software or hardware probes that inject traffic (IP packets, calls, SMS, ...) on the operator’s network.
  • Passive monitoring of applications, networks and services: This monitoring is carried out through probes placed at different points of connection of the operator’s network.
  • Providing QoS reports based on network data.
  • Quality of Service Benchmarking: Compares KPIs of the network and services with competitors.

Why choose the Prisma solution

Thanks to an experienced and multidisciplinary human capital, confirmed partnerships, a team will be dedicated to your projects, to guarantee an overall delivery on time:
  • Ensure Tests & Measurements.
  • Develop Benchmark, Analysis and Reporting.
  • Provide conclusions with appropriate recommendations.
  • Recommend configuration changes to improve performance and (QoS / QoE) quality.