Networks’ Integration


The solution in brief

In an era where cyber threats are more and more common, cybersecurity is becoming a priority for all segments (Operators, Banks, SMEs ...). PRISMA supports you to audit your network, system and infrastructure to develop a cybersecurity strategy that guarantees good practices in identifying and eliminating threats, traceability and security of access, and prepare you for certifications and approvals (ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, RGPD ...)

The specificity of the Prisma offer

Prisma, as an engineering service company, supports telecommunication operators in defining their needs, targeting the optimization and performance of their networks, choosing the right product partners, and integration and operation of tailor-made solutions. Its solutions allow operators global visibility of the performance and efficient management of their network infrastructures. Prisma takes a flexible approach, allowing a global coverage of your problem:
  • Analysis of needs and recommendation of solutions.
  • Integration of Monitoring solutions, DeepPacket Inspection (DPI), Synchronization ...
  • Diagnosis and implementation of specific topologies, adapted to the requirements.
  • Assistance for a suitable configuration.
  • Instant identification of anomalies on all network layers.
  • Support for operation and supervision N1-3.
  • SLA commitment, adapted reporting and recommendations.

Contribution of our solutions

An expert and multidisciplinary Prisma team enables a transverse service for monitoring, efficient analysis and optimization of the corresponding infrastructures. These elements enable efficient operational services:
  • Integrate infrastructure protection solutions, equipment synchronization, user data management, network security and fraud detection.
  • Set up optimal and adapted solutions for monitoring, management and optimization.
  • Allow global visibility, management and prioritization of traffic in case of congestion.
  • Elaborate several types of reporting, tailored to the activity, resources, uses, ...
  • Provide relevant data for evaluation and strategic planning, as well as marketing campaigns.
  • Evolve solutions and services through Prisma reports of trends and recommendations.

Why choose the Prisma solution

Thanks to an experienced human capital, prestigious and confirmed partnerships, a Prisma team will be dedicated to your projects, to guarantee a comprehensive service, according to the following procedures:
  • Framing, including diagnosis and design.
  • Implementation, for integration, deployment and testing.
  • Solution maintenance, upgrading and training.
  • Support and supervision level 1-3, reporting, & recommendations.