Network planning and performance monitoring


The solution in brief

Operational teams need real-time visibility into the health of their networks and the performance of specific monitoring services. They should also be equipped to remove emerging threats to service availability before outages occur. Today's networks are so dynamic that traditional methods of network supervision are inadequate. To solve this problem, Prisma provides solutions that deliver powerful predictive analytics that are easy to recover. They provide information and tools to work effectively to adapt quickly to changing technologies to meet future business needs. Prisma team assists you from start to finish to ensure a good deployment of your networks (Site Survey, Design, planning, Deployment, training, support ....). PRISMA offers you advanced solutions for real-time network monitoring and control as well as fast and efficient troubleshooting. Thus, PRISMA supports you to guarantee reliable and optimal services, through adapted and evolutive solutions.

The specificity of the Prisma offer

Prisma, and its partner solutions, provide operators, institutions and businesses with global visibility into the performance and efficient management of their networks. The proposed solutions are recognized, reliable, and cover all aspects of diagnostics, supervision (Fault & Performance), inspection (DeepPacket Inspection) and adapt to all technologies. Prisma takes a flexible approach, allowing a total coverage of your problems by means of:
  • An analysis of your needs, providing recommendations for solutions.
  • Installation and configuration of Fault & Performance Managment solutions, DeepPacket Inspection (DPI) and integration with your network.
  • The implementation of a set of predefined reports (plug & play) providing added value from the first days.
  • Customization to meet your requirements (topologies, alerting ...).
  • Assistance for a suitable configuration and possibility to display specific states (links, used services, ...).
  • Instant identification of anomalies on all network layers and sending alerts by email, sms, …
  • Estimation of the impact of failures, identification of affected element and corresponding recommendations.
  • Support for operation and supervision N1-3.
  • Training of end users and solution administrators.
  • Management of SLA commitments, adapted reporting and recommendations.
  • Bandwidth management and data prioritization.
  • Several models of use for the companies for a good control of the resources and the network.
  • Several models of use for operators, service providers for marketing actions, loyalty actions or network and subscribers protection.

Contribution of our solutions

An expert and multidisciplinary Prisma team provides transverse services for effective monitoring and analysis, optimization of the IP network and related infrastructures. These elements make it possible to ensure efficient operational services:
  • Set up optimal and adapted solutions for the supervision, management and optimization of IP traffic and applications.
  • Allow global visibility and identification of any anomalies, with support for outages management, compliance, and SLAs.
  • Automatically detect root causes and their impacts on different network layers in real time.
  • Provide reports that include real-time and historical overviews for diagnostics and analysis, and concise overviews for Business Managers.
  • Elaborate several types of reporting, tailored to the activity, resources, uses, …
  • Provide relevant data for evaluation and strategic planning, as well as marketing campaigns.
  • Improve solutions and services through reports of trends and recommendations.
  • Provide reports on traffic use and analysis of different results.
  • Development of policies and management rules to prioritize traffic and protect networks.
  • Applying fonts for the implementation of a specific service or offer.

Why choose the Prisma solution

Thanks to an experienced and competent human capital, a Prisma team will be dedicated to your projects, to guarantee a comprehensive service, according to the following procedures:
  • A phase of framing including diagnosis and design.
  • A phase implemented for integration, deployment and testing
  • A phase of solution maintenance, upgrade and training.
  • A phase of support & supervision level 1-3, reporting & recommendations.