The solution in brief

In an era where cyber threats are more and more common, cybersecurity is becoming a priority for all segments (Operators, Banks, SMEs ...). PRISMA supports you to audit your network, system and infrastructure; to develop a cybersecurity strategy that guarantees good practices in the identification and elimination of threats, traceability and security of access, and prepare you for certifications and approvals (ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, RGPD ...).

The specificity of the Prisma offer

With a strong expertise in network and infrastructure monitoring and performance, PRISMA supports companies to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of their systems. PRISMA develops adapted solutions thanks to a relevant choice of partners and brings you:
  • Implementation of security architecture (Firewall, Authentication, VPN, IDS, URL Filtering, DRAAS ...).
  • Maintenance and evolution of the network and services.
  • Design and development of software tools for system administration.
  • Management of the interconnection of the entity with the external networks.
  • Application of standards and safety standards
  • Installation and evolution of hardware and software components of computer systems.
  • Establishment of means and procedures to guarantee system performance and availability.

Contribution of our solutions

PRISMA has a multidisciplinary expertise and a proven approach that allows end-to-end solutions adapted to the specificities of the target company. These cybersecurity solutions as well as Disaster Recovery services enable operational (SOC) and efficient services:
  • Monitor and maintain the security of the information system.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and detect intrusions.
  • Watch over to improve the level of security.
  • Better detect security incidents.
  • Respond effectively to incidents and manage vulnerabilities.
  • Gain maturity and availability of systems and applications.
  • Prevent the risk of attacks.
  • Raise employees’ awareness.

Why choose the Prisma solution

PRISMA has a competent and experienced human capital and multisectoral references that it will make available to your projects to guarantee a customized service including the following elements:
  • Framing: Audit, analysis and design of the solution. .
  • Implementation: Integration, testing and deployment.
  • Monitoring: Reporting, recommendation and start-to-finish management.
  • Maintenance: support, upgrade and training