Revenue assurance and detection of fraud.


The solution in brief

Today telecommunication services are changing. With pricing plans becoming more complex, billing control has become an obsession for all players: operators, regulators, customers and consumer protection associations. Prisma is there to assist you, reassure the telecommunications industry by guaranteeing the actual costs billed and allow operators to identify and manage the fraud that affects their revenues.

The specificity of the Prisma offer

With proven expertise in the performance of fixed and mobile networks, and thanks to an adapted choice of partner solutions, Prisma supports telecom operators and regulators in order to be effective in monitoring global traffic, to protect their revenues and monetize their offers.

The proposed solutions are scalable, adaptable to all technologies and cover all the issues of revenue assurance and fraud detection.

  • Monitoring solution for all types of traffic (Voice, Data, SMS, OTT, Video ...) to identify anomalies and loss of revenue.
  • Implement revenue assurance services.
  • Interconnect fraud detection solutions.
  • Measure revenue alignment with roaming pricing
  • Reduce risks by monitoring CDRs and reconciling pricing with tariff plans.

Contribution of our solutions

Prisma's experts take an approach, allowing full coverage of your problem. Give the choice by segment "Operator" or "Regulators"


  • Quick implementation of managed measures of revenue assurance and / or fraud detection.
  • Identification of any revenue leak in your prices, existing and future special offers and packages.
  • Integrate fraud detection solutions.
  • Risk reduction by monitoring your prices and billing of any service (national and roaming).


  • Quick implementation of monitoring and data collection by operators.
  • Overviews of all flows / traffic and data for charging.
  • Identification of interconnection frauds that could affect government revenues.

Why choose the Prisma solution

Thanks to an experienced human capital, prestigious and confirmed partnerships, a multidisciplinary Prisma team will be dedicated to your projects, to guarantee a start-to-finish service, according to the following procedures:

  • Providing test and monitoring solutions for all types of traffic (voice, data, SMS, OTT, video, etc.) to identify anomalies and loss of revenue.
  • A framing phase including audit, analysis and design.
  • A phase implemented for integration, deployment and testing.
  • A maintenance, upgrade and training phase.